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Analyst training tailored for everybody

In any business, when you hire an analyst they will need specific training – this will depend on the market your business is in. However, training yourself takes up time and it may not produce the best results.

It is a much better choice for both the company and employee to use a company that has first-hand knowledge of the analyst process. At VW Business Network, we recommend The Skills Connection.

Training tailored to your business

They have provided training programs for some of the biggest research companies around the world. Your employees will experience a training course tailored to their needs and knowledge, so you know quality is not compromised. Discover their analyst firm services.

What’s involved in the training process?

The Skills Connection has a team of former senior Gartner analysts that offer their knowledge and expertise to help improve technology companies.

  • Keeping track of analysts research ensuring they don’t miss targets
  • Teach them how to improve their research, e.g. to create sharper, more focused and readable results
  • Lastly, the prepare them to save time by changing their behaviours and increasing their writing capabilities.

Whatever results the business want to aim for The Skills Connection can achieve them. Skills Connection work with your company’s processes and practices to help build your business and further growth. Contact us today to find out about business growth.

Sales and development training

In addition, Skills Connection offers workshops to boost the confidence of sales teams and analysts that will result in growth for the business. They will work with the sales team, senior managers and analysts where focus and clarity can be brought into the business.

Learning better sales processes and new messaging for marketing and sales campaigns makes it easier to sell a service to those who are interested.

Employees need to understand how each other’s roles fit together so they can work aside one another to generate great results. Skills Connection teaches can teach them what behaviours support the selling process of the business. Find out more.